Rushmore Tramway Adventures – Keystone, SD

203 Cemetery Road
Keystone, SD 57751

Rushmore Tramway Adventures has been around almost as long as the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, but don’t let our longevity fool you! This is not your grandparents’ nature park! Since new ownership in 2000, Rushmore Tramway Adventures has staked its claim as the most exciting destination in the Black Hills by compiling a stellar collection of outdoor adventures:
Modern, scenic chairlifts have replaced the original gondolas
The alpine slide and zipline offer high-speed alternatives for descending the mountain
Our new Aerial Park offers a ropes course for climbers of all skill-levels
There are plenty of hiking trails and gardens for those who prefer to keep their heart rate a little lower!

The increased fun-factor at Rushmore Tramway Adventures does nothing to take away from its original purpose—to offer visitors spectacular, aerial views of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. No, the views are as remarkable as ever. Our location, about two miles west of the historic treasure, provides some of the most unique views of Mount Rushmore you’ll ever see. The capacity to enjoy these views has improved over the years via our extensive attractions and hiking trails.
The Mountain-Top Grille sits atop the summit and offers our patrons a wide-array of food and drinks. Viewing decks, waterfalls and flower gardens round out the experience, which all begins with a breathtaking tramway ride up the scenic chairlift.